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    The hip hop communities contribution to the 2012 presidential election spanned far greater than monetary donations and occasional guest appearances on tv shows with a” VOTE OR DIE” t-shirt on.  This election seemed to strike a nerve within and motivate individuals among this multi billion dollar industry to take action in their quest to make a difference.  They got behind a movement that did not involve promoting an album, a video, a clothing line, or any other project that would help to bolster their careers and bank accounts, but instead they used their celebrity, their resources, and more importantly their voices to encourage eligible voters to get to the polls and vote on November 6, 2012.  Some notable names in hip hop have aligned themselves and others have spear-headed some worthy causes in an effort to help inform and influence people to vote.

The GodFather of hip hop Russel Simmons, and Quest Love of the legendary music group THE ROOTS teamed up in a friendly competition to help raise money to aid the President Obama campaign.  Russel Simmons also took on voter suppression and teamed up www.battleforyourballot.com which was created to help educate voters on their rights at the polls on election day.

The Game got involved personally by donating $10,000.00 to victims of hurricane Sandy to help them  fill up and get to the polls to vote.  It is also said that the Game drove individuals himself to the polls on November 6, 2012.

And with all of the heroic and valiant efforts of these individuals mentioned and many others that are not, rapper Jeezy has seemed to put his stamp on it yet again.  We all remember the anthem “MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK” that fittingly capped off the 2008 presidential election, well it seems as if he has done it again.  Jeezy has created a song expressing his feelings on this years past campaign and elections,  a song that expresses the feelings of so many who would have been ill affected had the outcome been any different.  No need to worry, WE DID IT AGAIN.



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