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     Now it has been brought to my attention that the new comer who has the smash hit single ALONE TOGETHER featuring the ever so talented Marsha Ambrosius is not so new, and is not from the United States but is actually from the United Kingdom.  Already a mega star overseas, he is well on his way to invading the airwaves here in the U.S. soon enough.

Once you get the chance to hear this budding musical phenom harmonize, a question may arise.  Where did he get that soul, that range, and did i mention, soul?  When listening to Daley are there any other artist that comes to mind? Robin Thicke anyone, or maybe even Maxwell, the list can go on and on which is a testament to the raw talent possessed by Daley.  Apparently it doesn’t end with him, the U.K has quite a number of soulful r&b artist that are just as talented.  Here at Threekeysbrand.com we will be featuring these U.K artist and pairing them up with some of our finest just to compare, contrast, and have a little friendly international competition.

Listen and then vote on who you think has the edge talent wise, give us your thoughts on whether or not you think we got the match ups correct.  We look forward to your input from the U.S and abroad.  That’s right, the U.K will be voting and giving their thoughts as well.  Remember we would like this to be a friendly debate with positive dialogue, so please keep that in mind when making your comments.




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