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    AMSTWPAPOLLO What would you do if someone tried to secretly sabotage the most important day of your life? In this hit Off-Broadway drama/comedy, emotions run high as hidden secrets reveal true intentions and scandal! “All My Struggles: The Wedding Plan?”, promises to have you at the edge of your seat.  “All My Struggles: The Wedding Plan?” has already had 2 SOLD OUT performances on the Apollo’s Soundstage. This time we are blessed to perform on the main stage. Don’t miss out on this historic opportunity. This performance will be the final piece of our documentary “CONQUERING THE APOLLO”.  So make sure you are in the building.
     For more info on how to purchase tickets for this wonderful production visit the website of one of the esteemed actors in the play Steven Strickland at www.stevenstricklandonline.biz .  You can also call the Apollo ticket box office at 212-531-5300.


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