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IMG_8842     Death By Design is a gritty, tear jerking, true life documentary about the causes, effects and cure to urban violence in Patterson, the third largest city in New Jersey.  Families of victims relive their stories in graphic detail and the communities voices speak out in this gripping collaboration by P.R.O.J.E.C.T CHANGE(Teddy Martinez), Dynomyte Films(Jamal Hall), and Anti Violence Art Group Revolution(Rob Harrell Jr.).  Three men who have lived through urban violence and have pledged their lives toward creating peace.

 Amnesty is a driven new gospel/hip hop artist who is well on his way to stardom especially if his album is in any way a reflection of his dynamic hit single titled “BREATHE”. His new found method of delivering GOD’S message is simply ingenious and the fact that his talent level is through the roof only adds to the quality of this highly anticipated project.

The Newark, New Jersey native exudes the swagger and confidence of a seasoned veteran which almost forces you to LISTEN UP, and leaves you eagerly awaiting the release of his album titled “I am not a celebrity”.  That may all change soon enough once the album comes out.

Join Amnesty and special invited guests at the official listening party which will be held at Malcolm X Shabazz High School auditorium in Newark, New Jersey  80 Johnson Ave. from 6-8.





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