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Jayz-Where-Im-From-On-MicrophoneBully      In the midst of a struggling economy, a high unemployment rate, and nearing the edge of a fiscal cliff, rapper turned mogul Jay Z has found yet another way to remain relevant while creating opportunities along the way.

In this documentary titled “WHERE I’M FROM” it gives a detailed behind the scenes account of how Jay Z prepared for his last performance at the soon to be world-renowned Barclay’s center.  Jay Z takes the line ” I am not a businessman, I’m a business Maaan” to a new high and brings it all full circle. His push to bring the Nets to Brooklyn has not only brought a professional basketball team, an amazing arena, and a buzz throughout the borough that seems to only happen during Labor Day Weekend, but more importantly than that he has brought jobs, and a boost to the economy that is much-needed and greatly appreciated.  “Everything said in song, you happen to see”, Jay’s line from the song Ignorant Shit has proved to be quite the opposite of ignorant.  He first told the world in 2005 that he had become a “proud new owner of the Nets” in a freestyle that most people overlooked.  7 years later as an owner and integral part of the franchise, Jay Z’s Nets reside in Brooklyn.

JAY Z continues to raise the bar to heights that seem to be insurmountable and not just in entertainment.  At a time when gaining and maintaining employment poses so many challenges, he created.  Not a song, or a clothing line, or a record label, but something far more important,  he created OPPORTUNITY,  opportunity for an entire borough, and opportunities for the many who have supported him throughout his career.  What better way to say thank you to your fans and give back to your community than to create a gift that keeps on giving.

It’s no secret that Brooklyn is JAY Z’S biggest fan, what a way to return the favor by supporting WHERE I’M FROM



     Now it has been brought to my attention that the new comer who has the smash hit single ALONE TOGETHER featuring the ever so talented Marsha Ambrosius is not so new, and is not from the United States but is actually from the United Kingdom.  Already a mega star overseas, he is well on his way to invading the airwaves here in the U.S. soon enough.

Once you get the chance to hear this budding musical phenom harmonize, a question may arise.  Where did he get that soul, that range, and did i mention, soul?  When listening to Daley are there any other artist that comes to mind? Robin Thicke anyone, or maybe even Maxwell, the list can go on and on which is a testament to the raw talent possessed by Daley.  Apparently it doesn’t end with him, the U.K has quite a number of soulful r&b artist that are just as talented.  Here at Threekeysbrand.com we will be featuring these U.K artist and pairing them up with some of our finest just to compare, contrast, and have a little friendly international competition.

Listen and then vote on who you think has the edge talent wise, give us your thoughts on whether or not you think we got the match ups correct.  We look forward to your input from the U.S and abroad.  That’s right, the U.K will be voting and giving their thoughts as well.  Remember we would like this to be a friendly debate with positive dialogue, so please keep that in mind when making your comments.


12 12 12 CONCERT

      As the tri state area continues to recover from the devastation of Ms. hurricane Sandy some of entertainers biggest names are leading the charge in a major way.  On December 12,2012 artist and musicians alike such as Bruce Springstien and the E street Band, Billy Joel, and John Bon Jovi will be performing in front of  a sold out crowd at the world famous Madison Square Garden to benefit the Robin Hood Relief Fund.  The proceeds from this monumentous event will go towards assisting those affected by this most recent natural disaster.

Hip hop would not be denied in this colossal effort to raise money and more importantly awareness to the fact that there is still more work to be done.  Alicia Keys and Kanye West will also join the list of legends who will grace the stage for this worthy cause.  The adopted son of Brooklyn by way of Roc a Fella records, and the GIRL ON FIRE will light up the stage in support of the people of NEW YORK, “concrete jungle where dreams are made of.” 

For more information about the concert go to www.121212concert.org


Alicia Keys gives an open invite to the world to premiere GIRL ON FIRE, her most highly anticipated album to date due to be released on November 27,2012.  Google+Hangout and YouTube broadcast an intimate look at Alicia Keys and friends as they give their thoughts and feelings on the journey which took place in creating this masterpiece.  She continues to raise the bar not only with her talent but with the innovative genius to be the first to share her creative experience, as well as the finished product in such a non traditional way, on the world-wide web. Its more than just a video, it’s an experience which you will truly be thankful for.





     Amnesty is a driven new gospel/hip hop artist who is well on his way to stardom especially if his album is in any way a reflection of his dynamic hit single titled “BREATHE”. His new found method of delivering GOD’S message is simply ingenious and the fact that his talent level is through the roof only adds to the quality of this highly anticipated project.

The Newark, New Jersey native exudes the swagger and confidence of a seasoned veteran which almost forces you to LISTEN UP, and leaves you eagerly awaiting the release of his album titled “I am not a celebrity”.  That may all change soon enough once the album comes out.

Join Amnesty and special invited guests at the official listening party which will be held at Malcolm X Shabazz High School auditorium in Newark, New Jersey  80 Johnson Ave. from 6-8.



Rapper 2 CHAINZ is doing his part to help felons know that they too can be heard on November 6, 2012 and beyond.  Respectmyvote.com gives ex-felons necessary information that they need to get back in the game and vote.  Im sure that the hip hop community and many others can appreciate this message.  Thank you Mr. 2 CHAINZ for using your platform and your celebrity to promote a movement that is bigger than yourself.  A movement that the rest of the community should get involved with but that remains to be seen.  Its nice to see that it’s not all about the music ,the glitz, and the glamour. You just gained a fan in me and i’m sure others will follow suit. Job well done