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imagesCABVENX8     At the meer mention of the words breaking rules, you may automatically think of the negative aspects that goes along with it.  Author Alfred Blake has found a unique and powerful way to change that ideology entirely.  In fact, his book ” THE STUDENTS HANDBOOK TO BREAKING ALL THE RULES”  has revolutionized the concept and shown the importance of breaking rules and how crucial that can be to re shaping the paths of young people’s lives.   The rules and rule breakers that are found in this book speaks directly to the pressures and challenges that young people are faced with in our inner city communities and beyond.

Alfred Blake, a native of New jersey saw the importance of taking some of his past experiences and creating some guidelines that will help young people navigate a path of prosperity and change in spite of what their immediate surroundings may be showing them daily.  Rule # 51 states” I have forgotten my past because it’s no longer my reality”, the rule breaker is “forgetting where you come from is the way to find yourself back where you started“.  With that type of lesson and many more to go along with it, THE STUDENTS HANDBOOK TO BREAKING ALL THE RULES will be very instrumental and appreciated by all who experience it.

     However controversial the title may be, judging this book by its cover is ill-advised.

imagesFor more information visit www.ALFREDBLAKE.COM