A Creative Refuge



images (2)    Often times in life we all will experience triumph, and with every triumph there is a story, and with every story a beginning, and every beginning has the power to create greatness or despair within us all that will shape our lives forever.  Latipha Cross has taken quite a tragic beginning and has indeed created a masterpiece.  This teenager from Detroit Michigan has taken her challenging circumstances which include being abandoned by her parents as a baby, two bouts with cancer, and homelessness just to name a few, and has managed to strive forward in spite of, using her passion for track and field as an escape from it all.  For Latipha the track became her canvas, and each stride in every race was similar to evident brushstrokes used by painters, and every victory was a finished piece of art with the sound of the starter pistol becoming music to her ears.  Her story should be an inspiration to us all to stay motivated even when it seems that there is no reason to, that with every circumstance good or bad the ability to create something positive.




Sprite Slam Dunk Contest    The dunking sensation Jeremy Evans is just as talented off the court than he is on the court, and he gave us a quite a show when he fused the two during the 2013 NBA All Star Weekends Slam Dunk competition when he soared over a painting of himself dunking a basketball.  A painting that he put just as much time and effort into as he did the dunk which it portrayed.

   When Jeremy decides to put the ball down and stop leaping over inanimate objects he will definitely have a bright future creating other pieces of art for people to be amazed at.  His passion for putting a brush to the canvas is just as strong as his passion for putting a ball through the hoop.  At a very young age he knew that drawing/painting was something that would be a part of his life and he has managed to balance basketball and painting in a way that his fans can now appreciate.  The creativity that went into him dunking over a painting that he created is just one of the reasons why he won the dunk contest in 2012, was a finalist yet again in 2013, and why he will continue to give the fans a reason to see him perform in the NBA.

     Here are some other pieces of art work created by Mr. Jeremy Evans.  Enjoy.