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Common’s tell all book is absolutely riveting as he describes real life accounts of his journey through life thus far. His fans can expect to see a side of him that he has been reluctant to show in his music. He can now add author to his professional titles. This quality project just adds to his stellar career as a hip hop artist, and a critically acclaimed actor.

Milk Carton Molly is a smash hit. Tarana Peaches has outdone herself with this production. The singer/song writer can now add actor/director to her credits. The writing is exceptional,and the unique casting and musical selections were a perfect union. Broadway was the perfect venue for Tarana Peaches stellar production debut and she along with the cast did not disappoint. If what they say is true about New York City “If you can make it there you can make it anywhere”then Milk Carton Molly the musical will be just fine.

On October 21, 2012 an estimated 1,000 people gathered at Nomahegan Park in Cranford New Jersey for a walk in solidarity to show support and  raise money for those with autism, a debilitating disorder which affects over 1 million people and their families here in the United States alone.   The Westfield Neighborhood Council had a quite the number of supporters with 72 participants who were in attendance to be involved with such a noble event.

ThreeKeysBrand.com would like to thank Ms. Nadya Lawrence and the Westfield Neighborhood Council for allowing us to  get involved with such a worthy cause.  We were honored to provide t-shirts that displayed a message which spoke to the very core of what the day represented. Not only does Autism Speak, but it has the Freedom To Be Heard.

Ms. Lawrence and her sister Myisha Scott who are proud members of the W.N.C did a wonderful job in getting young people involved including Brianna Bennet, Antwan Bowman, Jihad Bowman, Ife Cambell, and Jalen Gaddy just to name a few.  The efforts of this exceptional organization raised approximately $1,000.00 which will help to support 5 children who have autism within the organization itself.  If you would like to get more information on autism and find ways in which you can help you can log on to www.autismspeaks.org, and you can also follow the great works of the Westfield Neighborhood Council by visiting www.westfieldneighborhoodcouncil.com.  The tireless work of this community based organization is to be commended and is an example of how getting involved is the beginning to making change.

The title “I am not a celebrity” for Amnesty’s debut gospel/hip hop album would be fitting if he were not such an incredible musical messenger who uses hip hop as a tool to minister to those who need the message the most.  With the hit single BREATHE and an incredible intro “Make Me Holy”, the title won’t be his reality for long.  In fact it may be changing already, at his album release party Amnesty had the likes of legendary DJ Antoine Qua of 107.5 WBLS, Waliyy Dixon aka Main Event of AND1 MIXTAPE, and Ron Austin, CEO of My Father Knows Best, www.myfatherknowsbest.org/.   The turn out was inspiring and his fans appreciated his efforts as he performed some tracks off of his highly anticipated album.  Amnesty’s album meets you where you are, and with his musical genius he takes you where you need to be.



imagesCABVENX8      At the meer mention of the words breaking rules, you may automatically think of the negative aspects that goes along with it.  Author Alfred Blake has found a unique and powerful way to change that ideology entirely.  In fact, his book ” THE STUDENTS HANDBOOK TO BREAKING ALL THE RULES”  has revolutionized the concept and shown the importance of breaking rules and how crucial that can be to re shaping the paths of young people’s lives.   The rules and rule breakers that are found in this book speaks directly to the pressures and challenges that young people are faced with in our inner city communities and beyond.

Alfred Blake, a native of New jersey saw the importance of taking some of his past experiences and creating some guidelines that will help young people navigate a path of prosperity and change in spite of what their immediate surroundings may be showing them daily.  Rule # 51 states” I have forgotten my past because it’s no longer my reality”, the rule breaker is “forgetting where you come from is the way to find yourself back where you started“.  With that type of lesson and many more to go along with it, THE STUDENTS HANDBOOK TO BREAKING ALL THE RULES will be very instrumental and appreciated by all who experience it.

     However controversial the title may be, judging this book by its cover is ill-advised.


IMG_8842 Death By Design is a gritty, tear jerking, true life documentary about the causes, effects and cure to urban violence in Patterson, the third largest city in New Jersey.  Families of victims relive their stories in graphic detail and the communities voices speak out in this gripping collaboration by P.R.O.J.E.C.T CHANGE(Teddy Martinez), Dynomyte Films(Jamal Hall), and Anti Violence Art Group Revolution(Rob Harrell Jr.).  Three men who have lived through urban violence and have pledged their lives toward creating peace.

 Amnesty is a driven new gospel/hip hop artist who is well on his way to stardom especially if his album is in any way a reflection of his dynamic hit single titled “BREATHE”. His new found method of delivering GOD’S message is simply ingenious and the fact that his talent level is through the roof only adds to the quality of this highly anticipated project.

The Newark, New Jersey native exudes the swagger and confidence of a seasoned veteran which almost forces you to LISTEN UP, and leaves you eagerly awaiting the release of his album titled “I am not a celebrity”.  That may all change soon enough once the album comes out.

Join Amnesty and special invited guests at the official listening party which will be held at Malcolm X Shabazz High School auditorium in Newark, New Jersey  80 Johnson Ave. from 6-8.




BumpPro is an up and coming talent which has the swag of  an artist which has been doing it for years. The confidence of this young artist should worry those who are in the industry trying to make a name for themselves, those who are trying to maintain relevancy, and excite those who are looking for that one group that will revive the music industry, because he is it.


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