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imagesCA2RNS4IWelcome to another edition of GOT SOUL, where we feature amazing R&B talent from overseas in the UK and pair them up with our superstars here in the US for some friendly competition and healthy dialogue.  This segment features Timothy McKenzie better known as Labrinth, a 24 year old singer/songwriter and producer who has generated quite the buzz overseas and 27 million you tube hits later I think its safe to say that he has arrived.

Take a listen and decide for yourself as we match up this young icon to be with the soulful John Legend.  I think you would agree that the raspy delivery of both artist warrants this particular match up.  Feel free to comment on this match up and let us know if we got it right and don’t forget to vote on who you think has the edge talent wise.




Emeli Sande 2     Welcome to another edition of GOT SOUL, where we feature some amazing  r & b artists from overseas in the United Kingdom, and dare to compare them with some of our very own here in the United States.  In this segment, our featured artist is Emeli Sande, an amazing talent whose debut album titled OUR VERSION OF EVENTS, is currently # 1 on the  UK charts.  When you hear this powerful and melodic voice many artist may come to mind such as Kelly Rowland, Melanie Fiona,  Beyoncé, and a host of others.

Take a listen to Mrs. Emeli Sande and let us know what you think and then give us your thoughts on whether or not you think we got the match up and comparisons correct in this friendly competition.  We would like this to be a friendly debate with positive dialogue so feel free to leave comments.

K. Langevine