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December 14,2012 will forever be remembered for the horrific mass shooting which took place in Newtown Connecticut. A shooting which has claimed the lives of 27 innocent victims of which 20 of them were 6 and 7-year old children. With this most recent random act of senseless violence it has seemed to spark some conversation and outrage about particular issues, and those issues are gun control, or lack there of, and gun violence. These issues have plagued inner cities around this country for decades, where citizens of these inner cities have literally been held hostage at times due to gun violence. The question is why now, why has this become such a priority for politicians and lawmakers to look into. Could it be that the faces have changed, because they have. The faces of the victims has changed, the faces of the perpetrators has changed, the faces of the families who are crying inconsolably because their loved ones are gone has changed, the face of the community where the violence is taking place has changed, but the act remains the same. So why the difference in approach to dealing with the same problem?
President Barack Obama addressed the community of Newtown and made reference to dealing with the issue of gun control and regulations and dealing with gun violence here in America. Although it is not a very popular topic in Washington he has seemed to draw his line in the sand yet again. Let us all hope and pray that this does not end with just dialogue, but leads to action that will help to prevent such atrocities from happening again.