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Jayz-Where-Im-From-On-MicrophoneBully      In the midst of a struggling economy, a high unemployment rate, and nearing the edge of a fiscal cliff, rapper turned mogul Jay Z has found yet another way to remain relevant while creating opportunities along the way.

In this documentary titled “WHERE I’M FROM” it gives a detailed behind the scenes account of how Jay Z prepared for his last performance at the soon to be world-renowned Barclay’s center.  Jay Z takes the line ” I am not a businessman, I’m a business Maaan” to a new high and brings it all full circle. His push to bring the Nets to Brooklyn has not only brought a professional basketball team, an amazing arena, and a buzz throughout the borough that seems to only happen during Labor Day Weekend, but more importantly than that he has brought jobs, and a boost to the economy that is much-needed and greatly appreciated.  “Everything said in song, you happen to see”, Jay’s line from the song Ignorant Shit has proved to be quite the opposite of ignorant.  He first told the world in 2005 that he had become a “proud new owner of the Nets” in a freestyle that most people overlooked.  7 years later as an owner and integral part of the franchise, Jay Z’s Nets reside in Brooklyn.

JAY Z continues to raise the bar to heights that seem to be insurmountable and not just in entertainment.  At a time when gaining and maintaining employment poses so many challenges, he created.  Not a song, or a clothing line, or a record label, but something far more important,  he created OPPORTUNITY,  opportunity for an entire borough, and opportunities for the many who have supported him throughout his career.  What better way to say thank you to your fans and give back to your community than to create a gift that keeps on giving.

It’s no secret that Brooklyn is JAY Z’S biggest fan, what a way to return the favor by supporting WHERE I’M FROM